NekoQ lives in Shenzhen( && Hongkong ) China, ...and we create applications that are enjoyable.

Ceil Woo

Ceil Woo - Producer

Ceil has been Designing for 7 years, also good at HTML & CSS. Likes using photoshop and SAI to draw, VIM to program. 堀部秀郎 is one of his favourite artist.
Selax Blue

Selax Blue - Developer

Selax is a web and software developer who has been developing for the mac platform for over 7 years. He also was one of winers in ACM-ICPC when he was in college. He is good at Computational Geometry, which helps him to be a good game developer. Selax lives in the 4th road, with his wife and Momoco.
Richard Z.Pan

Richard Z.Pan - System Analyser

With a good sense of logic , Richard could split a complex system down to every basic components in the twinkling of an eye.5 years FreeBSD/Unix & Linux system maintenance experience.He was also holding on to high-performance data structure.
Super Wong

Super Wong - Developer

Possibly he is the best actioner in this planet.
Juiz Yukami

Juiz Yukami - Tactical Planning

She is too lazy to leave a message.